Sources for Teaching American Psychological Association (7th) Format

This page brings together content that I have used to teach about APA citation. The standard disclaimer applies.


  1. Introduction to APA format, Excelsior Online Writing Lab
    The video on this page is a nice introduction for anyone learning APA for the first time.
  2. Reference Examples from APA Style
    This page walks through how to cite many common examples, including YouTube and social media.
  3. Santa Fe Collge
    This guide is comprehensive yet simple and provides accurate information on APA.


  1. Have students search for their sources and use copy/paste to create a starter references list. Then, have students fix their references list in proper APA format.

  2. As a class, walk students through how to cite the specific sources they need for their assignment. This works particularly well if the whole class needs to cite the same source (e.g. the textbook).