Blogging like a hacker?

Blogging like a hacker?

2016, Jan 04    

Every winter break I take on a personal coding project.

This year I’ve decided to redesign my personal site. I’ve recently gotten involved with GitHub as a place to host code. It wasn’t long before I found GitHub Pages and was inspired by the post Blogging Like a Hacker by Tom Preston-Werner, a co-founder of GitHub. After that, I was sold on the newest challenge: get a GitHub hosted blog and site going ASAP.

I enjoy using GitHub pages (so far) because it allows me to work with code (blog posts are written in Markdown), so I’m writing this blog post using a basic text editor. The GitHub desktop application lets me upload the code and then sync my changes to build the page in just a few clicks.

So, here we go. I’ll now be blogging like a hacker.